Ever feel like you are just wandering down a never ending corridor, just doing the same things everyday just desperately trying to find a way out?

So, what is it? A habit, or an addiction, or an OCD

I've purposely put habits, addictions & OCD's into the same category, as they are, in most cases, the same thing. You may come to me with a chocolate addiction, but are you addicted to chocolate or do you actually just have a habit of eating chocolate? Are you addicted to social media, or just in the habit of checking it every 5 minutes?


If you've not read it already, go to my Why It Works page to see why many things we consider to be addictions and OCDs are actually habits which need breaking.


Just about anything can become a habit, and whilst some habits such as drug use can also have an element of physical addiction, it usually is the habit which needs breaking.


Examples of habits / addictions / OCDs which I have treated, and can be treated are:


Smoking, both tobacco and other substances (including vape pens)

Recreational drug use

Food habits including binge eating when not even hungry and using food as an emotional crutch

Alcohol abuse including binge drinking

Nail biting

Over spending, buying for the sake of it, and over use of credit cards

Addiction to social media - the need to check facebook multiple times daily

The need to achieve absolute perfection in all endeavours

All OCD behaviours including - checking of doors, locks, windows / cleaning or washing / counting & arranging / hoarding


The key to breaking all of these habits / addictions / OCDs is to stop the sub-conscious mind from telling your conscious mind you need to do it. Sometimes there are other underlying factors which affect the habit (addiction to social media and posting selfies may for example indicate an underlying confidence issue), and sometimes it is purely just the habit itself (nail biting, whilst can be made worse through stress, is usually just a signal being sent from the sub-conscious to the conscious mind, and can easily be stopped).



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