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Its important when you start any kind of treatment, that you understand WHY it will work. My methods can involve combining Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (both working with your conscious mind), with Clinical Hypnotherapy (working with your subconscious mind).  


This is a bit long winded - but worth the read!



Your conscious mind is what we are explicitly aware of 'here and now', and it makes your ultimate choices - the choice to smoke a cigarette, the choice to run screaming from a spider, or the choice to become aggressive in an argument. The subconscious also has all this conscious data, but it also stores your 'history', everything that has ever happened to you, whether you 'remember' it or not, and the way you felt and reacted to it. It works out patterns in your historic behaviour and memories. It then feeds messages back to the conscious mind based on those patterns, which in turn affect your conscious choices, and the way you see things.  

 If you have always been scared of spiders, the sub-concious identifies the pattern that

you are scared when you see a spider, and tells the concious to be scared when you see one.

You are making a choice to be scared of the spider, but you are doing it because your subconscious thinks

you should be and not because in that exact moment you have any reason to be scared.


For a smoker, the subconscious mind likes to remind the conscious mind that you usually smoke a cigarette at this time. Even if you are ill, and smoking a cigarette at that time would make you physically sick, the subconscious continues to send these messages that you should do it, because the 'pattern' is that you always smoke at that time. This is the 'craving' - it's just the subconscious sending your conscious a message based on your previous patterns.


You can apply the logic to every area of life, and the more you think about it. the more it makes sense. Have you heard of sportsmen and women who are at the peak of their game, and then they suffer a relatively small injury, but even after recovery, they've just lost their 'mojo'? In that small time of injury, the messages being sent from the conscious mind to the subconscious are negative messages - the person cannot train effectively and is not achieving what they have in the past due to the injury. When the injury heals, the subconscious has already been given a new pattern to follow, one of not training effectively and not achieving, and it is now feeding THESE messages back to the conscious, and not the previously positive ones. Even though the body has healed, the mind has not caught up and it's still throwing up barriers.


Now think of people who struggle with comfort eating - you hear them say 'I eat chocolate because it cheers me up, but once I have eaten it I feel even worse'. Of course the chocolate is not cheering them up, but their subconscious thinks it will. Maybe as a child they were given a chocolate bar to sooth a sore knee, or to cheer them up when they were upset. As a teen they may have used food to deal with emotional issues. The subconscious has recorded that those foods makes them 'feel better', because they were given the food and told it would cheer them up. So now, when that person becomes down, the subconscious sends a message to the conscious that chocolate will fix the problem. Of course, it doesn't, it never did, but your subconscious does not know this - it just knows the pattern is that when you feel down, you eat chocolate.


This is why willpower CAN work, but doesn't for everyone, and willpower also runs out eventually. If you can use your conscious mind to override the subconscious messages for long enough, the 'pattern of behaviour' changes and the subconscious stops sending the messages. This is also why, for example, people can give up smoking, but end up being 'addicted' to the nicotine gum or vape pen they used to give up with - the subconscious now sees the vape pen or the gum as the new 'habit', so sends messages that you need that instead.


The answer, is one of two options - either force your conscious mind into ignoring the subconscious for long enough that you start a new pattern , or change the pattern quickly through sending messages directly to the subconscious, which is only possible when the mind is in a completely relaxed state and the conscious mind is not processing - hypnosis.


When I work with you, I will work with both the conscious, and the subconscious. The conscious will be through talking to you and challenging your conscious mind, but most importantly I will work with your sub-conscious using Clinical Hypnosis - sending positive messages directly into the subconscious when you are in a completely relaxed state, and the mind is therefore open to receive them. When both the conscious and the sub-conscious are sending the same messages, the goal is achieved!



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