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Living with the pain, annoyance and/or embarrassment of certain conditions can be tiring, run you down, ruin your mood & self confidence, cause or increase anxiety and could eventually lead to depression or low self esteem. Whilst my treatment wont cure a lot of medical conditions, it can make life 'living with it' more enjoyable. I should know - Ive lived with fibromyalgia for 10+ years.

Some medical conditions respond especially well to hypnosis when used alongside traditional medications and medical practices, even when the medications and practices themselves have previously not worked. And as with most things in life, most medical conditions are also made much worse when stress is added into the mix:-












       Irritable Bowel Syndrome

       (The NHS will now offer hypnotherapy treatment to IBS sufferers who have not previously responded well to                 other treatments after a time period of 12 months, but 12 months is a long time to wait, so private treatment is a             quicker alternative)


There are so many conditions for which hypnosis will provide some relief, and that relief can be in different forms depending on the person, so get in touch with me, and I can explain the options for your condition.  Using excema as an example, the itch scratch cycle can turn into  a habit, with sufferers scratching without being aware they are doing it, this will lead to further inflammation and an increase in excema coverage. Hypnosis will teach you to block out the itchy sensations, whilst stopping the scratching out of habit cycle.


I can also teach you pain management techniques to control pain and reduce the use of your medication which may be giving you less than favourable side effects.


If you've not read it already, go to my Why It Works page to see why this works.


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