As humans we are born with two fears - falling, and loud noises. But as we go through life, outside influences emotionally affect us, and when they are left and thought about too much, they become phobic and fearful.


Have you ever wondered why so many people are fearful of spiders? The answer is - because so many people are fearful of spiders! If nobody else feared spiders, then their outside influence would not have made you believe there is something to be fearful about. But, because as you grew up you saw peoples negative reactions to them, your sub-conscious allowed you to also develop the fear. And, when people see you being fearful of spiders, you are also influencing their fear. So the fear of spiders is set to continue through the generations, even though nobody actually knows why they are scared of them.

So we understand why the common phobias exist, but what about the uncommon ones? Well the theory is the same - something will likely have happened at some time, which has allowed your subconscious to believe you should be cautious or fearful. The problem starts when those fears are for 'everyday' objects - things which you come across on a daily basis, and then the fear can have crippling effects on their daily life - can you imagine being crippled with fear about cotton wool balls or even buttons?


The good news is that phobias & fears are one of the most consistently successful treatments. Just ask my client Gary, he came to me for help when his family holiday abroad was looming, and his wife had told him he was not avoiding going away with them any longer. 2 sessions later, and I received a call from Greece when he stepped off the plane to tell me what an amazing flight he had had.

Or my client Sue who had a fear of hospitals and she unfortunately had to make several visits for a critical surgical procedure. She had this fear all of her adult life, 3 sessions later and she entered the hospital on several occasions over a 3 month period without and fears or anxiety.

Sometimes people are almost annoyed that they have lived with the fear for so long, when it was so easily treated once they got in touch with me.


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Whatever the fear or phobia, however quirky or embarrassing, just hit me with it - I can assure you nothing will surprise me!


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