New Year – Embrace Change! (Or how to set goals and actually follow them through!)

Notice how I didn’t start with the same old cliché of New year – new you!

As 2016 quickly comes to a close, it’s around this time that people start to focus on new challenges that they wish to take on, old bad habits they may wish to finally rid themselves of, and, generally make life improving changes all starting on January 1st 2017.

Yep we’ve all done it, January the 1st comes round and were full of fresh ideas, motivation is high, you’ve made passing mental notes of what you’re going to achieve, this is your year!

Were going to lose weight, get fit, learn a new language for when we go on holiday, be more positive, spend more time with our families, and chase that promotion at work.

So how come January the 2nd rolls around and we’ve already decided we needed to finish the cheese and biscuits, we’ve fell out with our partners because of negative attitude, never got round to the 30 minute brisk walk we’d planned, and as for the new language? Screw it! you’ll just shout slowly in English because that’s always worked in the past (sort of!)

Looks like the motivation fairy passed you by for another year, and everybody knows you can’t possibly set important life goals from January the 2nd on-wards, its universal law. (Just like you would never start a diet until Monday, it’s just the law!)

From hero to zero in less than 24 hours! So what the hell happened? 

The reality is you thought up these goals pretty spur of the moment, but all were well within your capabilities, so why is this goal thing so damn hard?

So now we all understand how easy goal setting is, and how damn hard actually going about and achieving those goals can be!

Lets just break it down and look at it logically.

Anybody who truly wants to achieve a goal needs to understand several things and this is where a goal planning template comes in handy.

Firstly decide what you want to achieve and then separate whats important, whats irrelevant and whats just a distraction.

To achieve a goal (any goal) there must be a very high level of passion, of want, drive and even need to succeed and achieve. People don’t chase and achieve half arsed goals, and this is where deciding whats important over whats just a distraction needs to be decided.

Also make sure your goals are actually attainable! Becoming a millionaire by February is probably a step too far (unless you win the Lottery or are lucky enough to have a very rich family member who is about to pass away, it’s just not going to happen). Setting a goal which you have no hope of achieving is just demoralising, will knock your confidence and will leave you unmotivated.

Once decided the goal or goals need to be written down, this creates a level of reinforcement and also makes it impossible to conveniently forget, or overlook a certain goal!

So write down your aim or vision, describe it. Clearly define it so even a stranger could understand and know what it means.

Also create an action plan, a plan of the steps which will take you to your final goal. People get so wrapped up in the final destination that they forget to plan all the steps needed along the way. This will also make a useful tick off list that will prove to you that you are on your way to the final goal, again, this adds another level of motivation and keeps you humble.

Goals should be made public, OK, so maybe not public, but when people around you know your chasing a goal it gives you something to prove! Nobody likes to fall short and be thought of as having failed, and this gives you another mental kick up the backside when you may be thinking of quitting. Hell, post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if it motivates you in a positive way, you may even motivate others in the process.

Spread the motivation around brothers and sisters!

A very simple but very important one – commit to a time scale for the achievement of your goal – whether its 1 month or even if its 5 or 10 years, you need that pressure of a set date, otherwise, well, how longs a piece of string?

Define a set of rules so that you know exactly when you have achieved each goal. Setting a goal of being happy is all very well, but exactly what defines happy in your own set of beliefs and your world?

Finally – stick with it! 

A simple one HUH? But if you already know in the back of your mind you’re not going to stick it out, what the hell’s the point of all this? Slip back into mediocrity right now and save yourself the heartbreak.

So you now have all the basic rules of successful goal setting, i’ve given you the tools, and you now have to apply them to your situation and personal goals and go for it!

In the words of the great Del Trotter – “He who dares, Wins”

If you feel I could help you with your goals regarding motivation, confidence building, habit breaking, or would just like to comment on this blog then feel free to email me HERE, or visit my website HERE to see what i can offer that may assist you, or fill in the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Stewart – Pinked.

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