We’re all going mental over mental health – social media, a help or hindrance?


The phrase below pretty much sums up this whole blog/article, its not positive or negative, simply a rant that i had to get off my chest!

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.” — Rita Schiano

This blog/article, you will either love it and understand where i am coming from, or you will hate it and wish id STFU and crawl back up my own ass! BUT, I’m willing to bet, if you come from a background where you’ve suffered, or currently suffering a mental health problem, you’ll get it and back me up! If you don’t – you wont!

OK so where am I going with all this?

Mental health is currently a social media darling! Every other thread on social media at the moment is somebody asking you to remember this, remember that, please share this, I’m here for you, you know where we are blah blah blah!

Honestly, they irritate the fuck out of me! If that offends, i’m not apologising, it does!

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not the intent that irritates, it’s the interest!

But Stewart, what the hell do you mean? People need to get the word out there, people need to start talking about their problems and showing people its ok to talk about the stuff we go through!

And YES, it is! But, unfortunately, unless you actually suffer with some form of mental illness, or somebody close to you suffers, the truth is, people don’t really give a fuck!

OK, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but they certainly have a lot of stuff that they give more of a fuck about!

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”

If you’ve ever put anything on social media regarding mental health, you may have noticed a common theme – how few ‘likes’ and even fewer ‘shares’ it receives?

Goofy picture of your cat/dog/kids/holiday destination/brand new handbag – 50+ likes and comments a plenty!

Mention of mental health – 4 ‘likes’ and 2 ‘shares’ if you’re lucky!

Seems to me the people who are giving a fuck about mental health, are exactly the people who, well, shouldn’t be giving so much of a fuck!

Let me explain! When i work with an anxiety or depression client for example, 1 of things i drill into them is that they’ve got to start working real hard to stop focusing on their specific problem or problems. Easiest way to be anxious, focus on your anxiety. Easiest way to send yourself into a depressed mood, focus on your depression.

Whatever problems we have as humans, the second we focus too intently on them, they become magnified. Don’t believe me? Think about it like this, ever had a headache or body ache somewhere that has suddenly and magically gone away when you became focused on something else? For example, being at work with a cold and feeling like crap and feeling a bit sorry for yourself, then you get into a funny conversation with some colleagues and no longer feel quite so shitty? Conversation then stops, back to work, oh I just remembered, i have a cold, i feel shitty don’t I? Yep, the shitty feelings back again. Why? Because you are now focused on it again!

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side, you’ve just gotta learn to stop sticking your head over the fence and staring, and spend more time watering your own fucking lawn” – me, I said that!

Want to get better at something, then obviously you HAVE to focus on it, this is common sense. Want to feel better everyday, then focus on better, focus on improving your thoughts, focus on stopping yourself every time you start to wander off down that negative self-pity or worry road, focus on being happier, focus on being more relaxed, focus on clearing your mind of bullshit, focus on whatever it takes to remove stress from your life, focus on being mindful and living in the moment, focus on the stuff that makes you feel good and only focus on the important stuff!

I’ve never had a bad day in my life! Ive had some pretty shitty hours though!

One of the other problems with social media sharing and getting the word out – OK, so you’ve found a perfect quote or meme/picture which gets your personal message across about anxiety! YES, I want people to understand this quote you mutter to yourself, whilst feeling better about yourself for 2 minutes as you post this on very social media platform your reside on.

But hang on, why nobody liking my post and sharing it? Feeling anxious yet? Pissed off because nobody understands? Getting tetchy now ain’tcha? Over thinking it, why do i bother? FUCK EVERYBODY!!!!!

As i said earlier, perhaps the people who give a fuck are just the people who really shouldn’t be GAF!

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