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The holy grail of weight loss – Simply take in less fuel than the body burns each day and you will easily lose weight! Its simple maths!

On an absolute basic level the above statement is 100% true. So all we have to do is eat less everyday and get more active everyday – easy yer?

Yep, we can do that no problem! So we cut down on our food, we try to get more active, maybe even join a gym or start some kind of regular exercise programme and just wait for that fat to melt away.

Now, if you’re like most people about to start a new diet plan you’ll spend your final day before the diet ‘freedom eating’. You’ll gorge yourself with every single item you think you’ll be missing out on over the next few weeks until you basically feel sick.

Next day, let’s go! All guns blazing. We dump the sweet and fatty stuff (hell, we’ve already cleared the cupboards of all the crap!) We even manage to walk the dog for 20mins. We are already on our way to the slimmer leaner you that you need to be come that summer holiday/school reunion/company ball etc.

So we nail the first week, and even though we’re starving most of the time we’ve managed to get through it. We’ve been grumpy, hungry and every single advert on television seems to be for chocolate, crisps or takeaway food.

We’ve now spent so much time weighing ourselves once or twice daily that the scales have become a permanent fixture in the downstairs toilet and all for what? We’ve lost 2 lbs???

But instead of this motivating us we focus on the all the torment and hunger that we’ve had to go through in the past 7 days, declare all that effort wasn’t worth it!

I’m destined to be fat forever, now pass me the damn Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake!!!!

Does the above seem familiar to anybody? Why is it so damn hard and slow to lose weight? And why do I feel like I need chocolate cake in my life to feel fulfilled?

See, the basic problem with food is that we need it for basic survival! And for a lot of us food is an addiction, but unlike alcohol, tobacco or drug use we can’t just give up food, go cold-turkey, break the habit and never have to eat again.

So lets break a few things down then look at a few things we can do to help us achieve a balanced lifestyle and a healthy relationship with food.

First of all just have a think how long it took you to put the excess weight on? 12 months of over-eating since your last summer holiday? Well the good news is, it wont take 12 months to lose that weight, but realistically you are looking at least 3 months of lower calorie eating to get you back in the ball-park!

But I cant go without biscuits for 3 months I hear you cry!

You don’t have to, a single biscuit occasionally isn’t going to make or break a food plan. If however, you’re eating your way through a whole packet daily and justifying it by not eating your other meals, then I’m sorry, that’s not a healthy long-term plan or a healthy relationship with food – unless your plan is poor health or even Diabetes.

I don’t know where to start or what the hell to eat? Really? Most people I deal with have a basic grasp on what’s healthy and what’s off-limits, but whether they’ll choose to eat those foods and forego the junk they crave is down to motivation and personal choice! They also know when they’ve put far too much food on their plate and that they really shouldn’t be eating the entire packet of cookies.

Nobody else made you over eat for the last 12 months and nobody else can lose the weight for you! You can hire the finest nutritionist and the best personal trainer but without a very strong need to want to lose weight, and the motivation to keep it going week after week, month after month, well, that rests on you alone.

And please don’t blame others for you breaking your diet, either through offering you a poor food choice or by altering your mood – for example, arguing with a loved one, you feel upset and pissed off and head off down comfort eating alley! It was still your call, ultimately you control your moods, you’re an adult and nobody has that sort of power over you surely??

Comfort eating – so how come it makes people so damn uncomfortable?

So how bad do you want it? And what changes are you willing to make? Do you believe you can make those changes and lose weight and keep yourself motivated long enough to nail your desired weight and physical look? If not, then this is where a few simple changes in your thought process along with Hypnotherapy and a few mental tools can help you master your behaviour and your relationship with food.

So does hypnotherapy for weigh loss actually work? Well according to a Government study carried out in 1998, the answer is yes and you can find the study below –

Controlled trial of hypnotherapy for weight loss

Reading the study shows that the hypnotherapy group treated with stress reduction were the only group to make a long-term weight reduction versus those who were given dietary advice only.

But what to do if you are an habitual over-eater and you are considered very over weight or obese, have got yourself into a pattern of very high calories each day, and simply can’t stop eating? Well we now have a system of treatment called Hypno-Band. Think of this as a mental Gastric Band. No surgery required and just as above this system revolves around changing your thought process to eating, your relationship with food, along with delving into your sub-conscious to give you a feeling of having a smaller stomach, which in effect takes far less food to leave you feeling full and satiated.

If any of the above has made you think or you’re interested in learning more about the systems or treatment we use, then please pop over to my web site and check out both my weight loss page and Hypno-Band page, or drop me an email to see how I can help you.

With the new year coming up it’s time to make those new goals, and if long-term weight loss is one of them and you already think you’ve tried everything, then maybe it’s time to try something new to force that change?

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